Welcome to Paradise Coin Wash!

Our laundromat offers the most economical wash and dry in the area. Located next to the Dollar Tree and Eco-Thrift store we strive to provide the basic one price fits all wash temperatures and dry. If you are wanting a laundry “paradise” experience with comforts and conveniences like free WiFi, HDTV, toys for the kids and clean ADA restroom then we welcome you to visit our other Citrus Heights location at Sunrise and Old Auburn.


Big-Load Washers
Family-Sized Washers

Our Washers and Dryers

Number of Washers 14 Top Loads
Number of Dryers 44 Dryers
Largest Washer Size 80 lb
Largest Dryer Size 75 lb

Store Attended: No

Coin or Card Operated: Coin

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Paradise Coin Wash Greenback1 week ago
Join us for Laundry Love this Saturday, January 9th from 8:00am to 9:00am. FREE Wash and Dry for those in need.

*In an effort to encourage wellness, Laundry Love will be handing out gift cards in front of Paradise Coin Wash instead of conducting the event in-store. The gift cards can be used at any of the three Paradise Laundry locations*

Paradise Laundry - Citrus Heights, Paradise Laundry Ascot, or Paradise Laundry - Cirby Way
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Paradise Coin Wash Greenback2 weeks ago
Welcome 2021!
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